David Straange and Xiaoyin Xie

Recorded July 14, 2023 Archived July 14, 2023 41:46 minutes
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Significant others David Straange (30) and Xiaoyin Xie (28) sit down to discuss their ideas of home. They discuss their childhoods, Xiaoyin's experience as an immigrant, and the importance of art in their lives.

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David (D) and Xiao (X) reflect on what they were like as kids.
X explains how her mom had a big influence on how she views culture and diversity.
X remembers growing up in Canada and feeling culturally different.
D talks about going to public school and how his relationship to learning has evolved over time.
D and X speak about the weightlessness and impulsiveness of childhood and encourage one another to continue “spending” their energy as adults.
D brings up his desire to connect more with his nephew through skateboarding.
X discusses how her idea of home has become less physical.
X talks about realizing she missed out on '90s culture when she moved to the US from Canada.
X explains why she feels like a New Yorker.
X and D speak on the importance of art and choice.


  • David Straange
  • Xiaoyin Xie

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