Alexi Calderon and Jared Joiner

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Alexi Calderon talks to his former teacher and friend Jared Joiner about his experiences as a bilingual student in the United States.

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Alexi’s little brother is his biggest influence, has taught him patience. He is three years old.
Mr. Marshall, his 7th grade teacher, used to call him “mono” which means monkey. Never being able to speak Spanish even though it was a Spanish school.
When he first became involved in theater. Auditioning for GALA. What he wants to do with his acting, what he wants to give back to people.
Jared tells Alexi what he was like as a student. Alexi had a bit of an attitude. Great at cracking jokes in class. But at some point the change came.
Alexi tells Jared what he was like as a teacher.
What Jared admires about Alexi.
What Alexi admires about Jared.
What school was like for Jared. He was often one of the few minorities in school.


  • Alexi Calderon
  • Jared Joiner

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Latin American Youth Center

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00:07 And Jared Noll Joyner and I'm 27 years old. Today's date is April 19th, 2010 and we are at the Latin American Youth centers aren't media house and my relationship to Lexie is I Was His science and math teacher.

00:23 Hi, my name is Alexi Calderon. I'm 16 today is done March. What is it April?

00:31 April 9th is April 19th, 2010 Railway season a media house and

00:39 My my relationship to partner right here is I'm his student / friend / chess pie.

00:46 Cooper actor who played

00:51 So who has been the biggest influence in your life? And what lessons did they teach you? Well, I guess my little brother.

01:02 What kind of lessons did he teach has he taught you what he has taught me patience. He has told me to look at things from different angles.

01:10 Also, too too also like to like look up people look up to them a lot more instead of just

01:18 Like instead of getting annoyed when somebody or somebody that you feel like you're getting annoyed by it and I'll try to learn from them.

01:24 You know like sometimes my mom my mom can be very annoying orange to my brother. You know, bye-bye. He likes his you just like ignores it right? I'm like, okay. Imma do that too. And how old is your brother? And he's three and how much time do you spend with him? Do you get to take care of him a lot or hang out with him on the weekends? And when I come home from school, you know what he's always in the computer watching Mickey Mouse or something, you know, but yeah, I talked to him he talks to me.

01:57 What kind of what kind of things did you guys do together?

02:02 We eat it. Yeah, basically we eating so you say you said you learned some lessons from him. Do you think that he's learned any lessons from you?

02:14 I guess how to get dressed. I don't know how to defend yourself from your sister. I guess how old was she's four or she's going to be 5 in May to do you feel like you have who do you have a better relationship with

02:30 With them. I don't know I guess my sister. Yes, you listen to me a lot more interesting interesting.

02:41 Well, I called him Tony so you know what his name is Ali Antonio.

02:47 And I called I called my sister Yeti. But her name is Brandy A disa.

02:53 Yeah.

02:56 What are the most important lessons you've learned in life in life?

03:04 The most important lessons

03:07 Never hold never hold myself back or never let anybody hold me back. Let the only people that are let me hold me back will be, you know, my family basically, you know other other than that, you know, don't hold back and always say say your opinion and always say what say what you're thinking you want for me. That's that's a big deal cuz there's a lot of things that's a lot of unfairness. I was going that's been told me that I'm not your what can I say anything back?

03:35 And you know Echo cordless being held back. So I guess it is never be held back.

03:41 What kind of do want to get into going to the details about a specific example of some time when you had to hold yourself back or when you felt that it was unfair that you had to hold yourself back or yeah, my seventh grade teacher is name is well with mr. Marshall and you know that's over. That's the what that's what we call him. Everybody in that was named right? We called him or no logos used to annoy. Everybody was like yeah, no patience for anybody else to call Hermano and his and his first name was Patrick, you know, we will always make fun of that like it just going through your rock. Yeah, but

04:21 We it was an all Spanish school, but he wouldn't let anybody speak Spanish and will be in the class going to be like a kept on saying is like what page is and I'm like all this and that and I'll be the one to get in trouble. Why can we speak Spanish? If this is Spanish school? He's like no, I don't speak Spanish. I teach English. I'm like, okay, but you know, I know two languages and you only know one so I can I talk in my lunch and I couldn't get them back cuz I get punished and when I did he got me into tensions, he got me suspended or the fact, I think he was the one that got me expelled cuz I was just like at a point when I'm like mangy Screamin screw you

05:02 Really growing up speaking two languages. Do you felt like you had a unique experience with that in school and beyond that?

05:13 Definitely cuz if I leave cuz if I would only knew English, you know, I couldn't help my family out with a lot of the Spanish stuff cuz they're like, you know, honey, you know, I want you to translate something for me or call my boss in this and that, you know any falling in Spanish. I could have my family either.

05:31 You know and it's cool we have definitely I got to remember in 5th grade. I got jumped ones for basically not knowing how to defend myself for not knowing anything that was going on and then just boom.

05:52 What do you think about you think that students would have to learn two languages in school or do you think that school should be bilingual?

06:02 I don't know. It depends like if a school gets a lot of Spanish kids or did they should teach English in a different way?

06:10 And if they only get English student today this alone in Spanish, cuz I mean if you know two languages you're better than just one person that knows one.

06:23 How has your life been different than you expected it?

06:29 Repeat the question. How is your life Vin different than you imagined?

06:36 I guess my whole life. I mean there are some decisions that I've done that have changed like everything, you know, like a board text would like I just jumped into it and then like everything changed like for example me going to the theater another start a lot of stuff and also me getting expelled, you know, if I got it if I hadn't gotten explode Puerto. I probably be like in Bell.

06:59 Or do you know? Yeah, so a lot of decisions that have may never actually like a chain reaction to everything.

07:08 So when did you get involved with theater?

07:13 Well first this Sandra and Matias, they came to the classroom right in and I was interested in a little bit in them. And then the teacher was like writing cuz I was set in Lake behind in the classroom. And then was Miss Claire Miss Claire and she said hi Lexie. You should sign up for your comedian. You know that you're too funny in love a lot and I'm like, yeah, you know try it out and I get my phone number and then I got a phone call from Sandra and she said, you know, we start on June 29th, you know, we want you to come down here come the gas and I was really nervous and I'm like, you know, what I'm going to do. What am I going to do? I'm going to act or perform or something. I didn't know what I was going to do. I was really really nervous.

07:58 And your buddy and I said, okay, I'll just go and it was June 29th.

08:03 That I went into gallon. I'm like, so I belong here.

08:08 What?

08:12 How many have an audition know the very beginning exercise was till it was we had a group of three and they'll say you guys tell a story and water in the audience, you know, the rest of the people will try to figure out who was the stories. So basically try to act less like it was your story so it's kind of the other way around and it's okay. I'll tell a story to my counselor to me and my cousin Manny then he had gone a to through a lot of stuff about with drugs, you know, and he told her story about his friends that his friend that when he was in PCP. He used to like get it cuz Manny used to live on the second floor.

08:53 And then when his friend will come over here be high on PCP and will jump out the window cuz his friends high in PCP. He thought he could fly, you know, and so they went to another friend's house and that was on the 11th floor.

09:07 And so Manny's friend.

09:09 Jumped out of the window and you know and I said that story and people couldn't figure out I was like who told who told who told and then I call you know, so basically I want that round.

09:22 But yeah, that was a begin.

09:24 What do you feel when you're acting?

09:30 What are ceu?

09:34 I don't know. I guess I feel like well, of course the spotlights don't mean one.

09:40 And it is a great feeling, you know, especially when I write what I'm going to act is like everybody's here and everybody seeing everybody is witnessing my stuff. You know, it was a great feeling especially after what I call you at the great. You know, what's good. We had fun, you know, and we need some time off so we could do it again, you know, so we could bring something new.

10:03 Is there something you want to do anything professional career is being a doctor?

10:10 I don't know if I do say professionally cuz I want to do it just to to say what I have to say what I think to say my experiences and also to help people out cuz it's not just to say hey come see me at the show is so what's up make people like leave with something in the mines or something to think about or something that they could change, you know, so professionally sure but it wouldn't matter if it if I couldn't help anyone, you know, if I couldn't say something in my experience my memories know what I think or how I see things.

10:42 You know soccer it would be great. But I also want you know, when I help people, you know that it is not just for me and me and me. I just want to help somebody.

10:54 Hope you and that way yeah, definitely my director. His name is Keegan. He has he has definitely inspired into it cuz you know, he says, you know, you don't just do this, you know, just to do it like when you get a diploma, you know, why you got your piece of paper, you know, but what are you going to do with it? How is it going? How are you going to help anybody out?

11:17 And we talked about how you want people to leave. The theater was something to relieve a performance was something they what kind of issues do you like to raise in your in your acting or what kind of person do you think are important that people need to pay attention to Will from my world. I guess we'll immigration and then love things that teens do that. You know, I've done things that my parents wouldn't like I think never find out about and I'm like will my kids have been is that I will never find out about and also reports about immigration. You know me coming here my whole family come in here. You know it legally.

11:54 In you don't like all my kids will be lucky enough to be born here, you know, so they won't have to go to the things I go.

12:04 Do you feel like I'm acting gives you a chance to Kyle of you said you like how they do you like to be kind of on the spotlight you feel like this helps you kind of find your own voice, vessa. As a person as a teenager is to be it's hard for teenagers to have a voice and I'm I don't know. I don't think I need to be in the spotlight, you know, but I could I explain my voice a lot of times, you know, but he'll be here is different. It's like you got a license, you know, it's like, oh I rotate your you know, I'm going to wrap it like you have or do you have a license to say by say your opinion, you know, say what you think so your views and the district. That's a great feeling. I have from being a writer / actor slash rapper. I think a young young / all of those, you know sister is a great feeling for me and I don't need to be in the spotlight. I always say what I what I want to say whether it will it's on paper with the rest of my friends over this to my teachers or to anybody. I just I just want I just like to sing

13:04 And what's on my mind?

13:07 Can you remember you're keeping back to your first time acting or performing or your rapping? Were you nervous?

13:15 Very nervous. What do you feel like like I was about to puke. Yeah, but at the end of the gray and I'm like, you know, it's not that bad and then like the second show. I'm like, I know what it is, you know, you know, I know my lines and all this I know that but I also wanted to have fun and I'm like it'll just passing but while I was in and I'm like damn chip the three of you

13:51 I talked about school a little bit since I am your teacher or what's your teacher? Did you always enjoy School?

14:01 I think they were I think the only way that I enjoyed school was like the social part of it.

14:07 You know, I'm bad in school. I don't know any Salvador and Salvador, right?

14:15 I kind of like the teachers over there, you know how to feed a lot from them. You know, they come from they come from working in the farm, you know to become a teacher. I'm like why I like that's a great achievement. You know, I'm like the teachers I've had here. You know that like yeah, I went to college. I got this. I got my degree yet. They're punishing me cuz I know another language, you know, so school has been a roller coaster.

14:40 Can I ask what was Alexa light as a student can tell him that there were almost to that are probably two different Alexi is that I saw what he was my student. I think the Alexi that we that I met first was it was about probably about a year ago, and I think you would just come from the previous school. And unless he had a bit of an attitude. He was kind of a bit a bit and I think he was trying to

15:20 I tried that kind of see where you fit in in this new environment and so he was

15:25 It was funny. That's one thing. He's always been a hilarious student. And so he was he's great at cracking jokes in class which while I appreciate that in its own right? It's really hard when she's trying to teach a lesson. And do you have a really funny guy cracking up the whole class but at some point and I'm not sure when the change came it seem like I'm actually kind of realized that he had all these talents for comedy and for kind of creative expression and writing and wrapping and all of these different things and it seems like a kind of understanding that there were positive outlets for that. He was able to not have to demonstrate that in the classroom. And so he became the most one of the most focused students and was in school is about every day and so towards the end of his time at my school Lexie was the dream student.

16:26 Let's see. What was Wizard like as a teacher you want to tell him. I'm he was a great teacher. Will he is he was very funny. You know, he sure he showed a lot of examples I learned tons from him in math. And even though I never got like an A plus plus plus on his how do you say on his class? You know, I think he thought he told me like a lot a lot. I'm smart not like that. I can use now, you know stuff that I know now, you know, I wouldn't know when I was like back in Coolidge or back in in San Miguel at the middle school that I went to and you know, I think he he he really homie like step up a lot, you know for my math and also my science like

17:08 Play he will he used to play this little minute things in the weather will be like so Random like butterfly stuff and and sleep sleep test and

17:19 They were what were the 60-second science 60 second science in like they were random right but I but I learned a lot and you know, so we used to fill these papers out in the wee hours to collect the leaves like I learned tons from this guy in and he was like a real big step for me and learning.

17:39 And appreciating nature. Do you have any favorite stories from school or by the next step or Coolidge or in San Miguel stories?

17:53 I guess I'm beginning Elementary.

17:58 Elementary it was like my first week and that was some of the swing and then this big girl comes to me like right in my face. I think I gets cursing at me and I don't understand anything. So I just stood there and then she kicked me right in my chest, but I fell back and then you know, I was crying and everything that you would happen you like seeing me so hard and then I run a go out to my friend. You know, my like my only Spanish friend. His name is Osman and I'm like your why did she hear me? Why and she's like, I know my friend was like what she wanted to swing them. Like that's all she wanted. Like I was mad and Furious and crying, you why I look really like and then some that's what like I started to see like damn like me not knowing English really. It's really effing me up with you. You know, I'm like the Emily. I need to know how to defend myself. So I always used to hang out with Bozeman.

18:54 Now Middle School

18:57 Well, I guess I have a friend. His name is Joseph and we will everybody used to play around, you know, everybody used to like Bully everybody know there was never like a guy that was the highest guy know cuz it wasn't no boy school knowing how many girls there or anything. Everybody was like this. So immature and everybody, you know, we weren't trying to impress anybody right? And so then we were when I was at lunch and then we start hearing screams like like my teacher was screaming in my friend Joseph and then everybody everybody in the cafeteria you got quiet and he has to work like behind him with my my teacher screaming his ears off and he was walking through through the cafeteria and everybody quiet everybody looking at him and then we'll let you know what happened what happened or he punched somebody I guess that it like really are he had the attention of the whole school because he punched somebody not like that teacher made it like so he exaggerated is so much.

19:53 And you know when that was like old like that's going to be your Forever you like even the kids that were punished that they would like for your like. We don't even do things that bad, you know.

20:03 Yeah, that was Middle School.

20:06 In Coolidge

20:08 There were like two huge fights that it like filled up the hallways and they started a lunch supposed to leave somebody like through milk at somebody else and me and my buddies do we were sitting around and then like the whole commotion starts from like the the front of the cafeteria in the starts going down, right? And then the of course the security guards came in and then what and then the bell rings and we go to class and then on our way to class we were like stop cuz they were like there was a huge crowd and there was there was there was a guy was brass knuckles and everything and let you know something is about to happen. We should get out and my friends like yeah, if we get out then I think that we're doing something to drown the skipper whatever for like I asked where we stay there.

20:53 And then that's a big fight happen if everybody was there and I almost got punished cuz they were like coming like running and I'm going to go with should have gotten out of here. And then this dude with the two dudes that were originally fighting. You know, it somehow they like stop and they went back it was kind of weird. So like I was over here with my friend and there was a another big crowd coming from behind so they were like two big crowds and we were just in one of them. And so then the other security guards came in and I think some police were called and they're like in anybody that was in the hallway was he is going to be expelled suspender where they were going to see like who could tell what had happened right? And I'm like you were going to get in trouble. He's like not if we run so bad we ran down the stairs all the way to the gym, like your weekend stay. He's like, yeah, we can you know, like I was basically following him.

21:45 Then I'm like, yeah, I'm we're going to get in trouble at them like no, we're not man. And so we stay there for like 20 minutes until everything kind of come down and we just left like out of the school.

21:58 Cuz I mean, it was really scary looking for reprise like everybody, you know, cuz it would like the only to spend the kids at the time in the hallway.

22:06 You know and everybody else is it was blocking you in the fighting and everything when I when we have no business there yet. They wanted to blame us cuz it was basically two big gang fights.

22:17 And we were just caught kind of in the middle of it.

22:21 But yeah, that was Coolidge.

22:29 Oh, yeah, because you were done in Spanish.

22:34 Yeah, I would always tell him there was a world see that I don't you know, if they said something to you is because you were doing something bad. I'm like, I only spoke Spanish play. Did he tell you not to I'm like, yeah, but I was only helping on my classmate.

22:53 Then you know they were like Okay blah blah blah blah like they can they listen to me, but they never liked did anything they never acted upon it and you know, it was it wasn't until I got expelled what why we're basically he cursed out. Mr. Marshall like okay eyes. I said what he had it coming, you know, he was picking on me a lot when he was getting on my case and I'm like, okay, you will get punished by getting a white slip right? That's the way you get punished, which is you getting to resize and you got to eat like isolated from everybody else.

23:26 And because I didn't come one day he gave me five of those.

23:31 I'm like why like I didn't come okay, it was none of your business, you know, so then three of them is a detention so he he got me he got me in the tension again. I got one more and I got detention again. So like 95% 98% white slips that I got was from him. And basically you got me suspended. He got me Saturday suspensions no mainly from him because I always like rebelled against them because I was always he was up with how do you say that?

24:02 Holding you and yeah that you was calling calling at me, you know, and I never stayed quiet and I guess it's what he wanted, You know, I'm not going to get it to you. No matter how many times you punish me. What happened today that you cursed him out. Like can you describe what happens will basically I was fed up and he was supposed to be talking to my friend Edgar and he was in the classroom. We're talkin like kind of at the gate at the semi gate of the classroom. He's like, why are you behaving like this and I'm like because you are very unfair says how my Affair I treat everybody else. I'd like to know you don't you don't give everybody 20y sleeps a week. He's like, yeah because you deserve anime. How do I deserve them?

24:46 Things like well, you behave bad you do this you do that. You don't do your homework, Yes, I do like you cuz I didn't cuz I think it was just one time that was real sleepy and the bus and I didn't write it like rain eat and you would like it's incomplete. I'm like why it's complete and he's like because I can't read it.

25:07 Like I did it, you know, I like I was I was sleep. It was on the buzz like a school start at 7:45 and is about to better be the real early.

25:16 And I guess it was so love that and I'm like, no, you know, your classroom is shit. That's what I told him. And apparently he was just so mad. And so angry, I mean that he just stayed quiet, right and what of that conversation got to the principal and it's inside the White slips and since all of them the commotion of the problems. He just said, you know going to have to let you go.

25:40 I said, okay.

25:43 Basically

25:48 What year did it while my mom was called in?

25:52 And you know what? She was like what year and they were like all your son has been, you know, let go whatever and I don't even I don't even get a contract. No, like my friend. He got expelled and he got a contract with before and I'm like what like what do I just get by just go, you know like that week that it happened or the two weeks later. It's like fire dismiss.

26:12 In the butt birthday. My mom was like, okay, I'm tired of it, too. I'm tired of coming here because my son's in trouble or this and that and it's okay. Just get him out.

26:23 How did they talk to me in Spanish. The secretary kind of like him would like to everybody else could translate for understanding, you know, except him.

26:42 Is it hard to feel like, you know, your parents weren't on your side or did you feel like your parents weren't on your side? Like I don't even even even matter to me really? Like I once got in a fight there in middle school because I was like man and my momma like Mom do this do that for me, please like he used to make me sign things on my agenda because I wouldn't write down my assignments on the agenda mean like I got it. I did it. He's like you didn't write it down. This was for like 2 months ago. Is that why didn't you write it down? I'm late, but I did it it passed and he's like no you need to sign it every day and what not and want me to like forget it and I used to get in trouble.

27:21 And but yeah, it was good with this. And a lot of that. I kept quiet like I get to myself will be like, no just screw it all just live within one.

27:31 You know speaking English and having to transit for your parents.

27:36 I kind of feel like I'm helping them out with translating mean in that sense, you know.

27:43 You know, but tenant having to translate to them that I'm being expelled, you know, that that's all right there, you know, but translating for them nice and helping the mountain.

27:54 What lessons do you want your your brother and your sister to learn of what if you could tell them anything to teach them what would you say to them?

28:04 I don't know really there's so much stuff that I could tell him, you know.

28:11 You know, I don't hang out with the wrong people, you know, don't do drugs and get into gangs, you know, find something. That's corny as it sounds, you know, find something that you can be successful in or or indication on the necklace like a lot of teenagers, especially when I was in eighth grade education. I'm like, yeah, I'm coming to school like that's about it. You know, I would I would tell him, you know, get something that you actually step up on, you know, like, you know math. Okay, but did that's not where it ends. You know what I mean? There's like tons and tons and tons more so, you know, just keep going and never give up always keep trying.

28:47 The disorder

28:54 I think I admire a lot about Alexei. Actually. I find I think his his story is very very interesting distortions really interesting. I mean and it's an amazing Story. I mean coming here and you know, I'm with your mom and then you have to hurt your brother's to get her sister and kind of you you didn't immediately have success in school as soon as I can and I think a lot of people would you know, if they didn't have success in school immediately lot of people would just be like, that's it. I'm done. I don't I don't need this and giving up but you did it you stayed with it you kept going and you is Yuri dedicated yourself, and I think it's it is it says a lot about your character in about who you are that you didn't crumble.

29:50 Under those under a couple of failures and that you stayed on the path. He stayed the course and you and you overcame that and then you found something that you love. It's so hard to find something that you can be passionate about. It seems like you're passionate about your about drama and about performing and it's it's so important to find that and it takes people spend their whole lives looking for what they want to be passionate about but you found it some admire. Relax Mikayla could ask him.

30:26 Did you like the only black I like that you like the only black teacher in the school and the next time you come in here and you know, you know Spanish in the patient that you had the page that you had with me the patient that you've had with Gonzalo with with Sergio, you know with Natalia, you know with a lot of people that you deal with so I guess your patience and how you want to teach kid. I have no matter what you'll always you Louis try to go to the next month the extra mile you look with me I gave you that attitude seems to you you give me a lot of yellow slips, you know, but

31:07 I was learned from you. You know, I'm think that's so did every student even if they didn't say. Thank you or anyting you nothing they did.

31:16 Thank you know they didn't.

31:23 I don't know.

31:27 I asked you about the had already, but that's it.

31:32 How was school for you?

31:35 School was when did you know from being in math and science class with me? I'm kind of a nerd actually. I love school and like math and science are my favorite subject and but it was

31:51 AAA identify with you on one level because very often I was like the only one of the very first the only or one of very few minorities in my classes. So in my in my elementary and middle school, I was wondering maybe seven blackheads or minorities in the class and then my high school and my classes. I was always one of two maybe in the classroom. And so I completely understand what it's like to be the minority in to feel like people, you know, it has to be at the outside around a little bit and

32:27 Is it a continued on into college to but it's it it's hard but it kind of helps you to understand who you are and gives you time to think hard about what you care about and what you believe in.

32:41 Any support you at the same time cuz you're like, okay. I'm the only one here. I might as well make the best of it.

32:53 32 I will not.

32:57 Teacher about your family and more so

33:02 Is about your mom and your dad where they from?

33:07 When my dad's I think he's in the suburbs, you know Maria there, you know, my mom is here with with her boyfriend, you know.

33:16 Do my step daughter whatever, you know, everybody's going to say about you know, except my siblings in my my cousin's I guess I could have my whole family. Like I'm the only one that doesn't have paper doesn't have a you know, a social and work permit anyting you know yet I'm the one that has moved up the most, you know, GV. I'm going to college after the phone, you know, I got some new actually.

33:48 How does that make you feel that you were the only that you're the only member of the family that doesn't have that favors.

33:58 Well

34:00 I've been denied like three jobs, you know cuz I don't have papers. So I guess like that like that. Like I'm the only one that doesn't have the stuff that they do, you know, cuz my my students they can go to El Salvador and back, you know, and I'm like I can go I can't see my grandfather's grave or any of that. You know, I can visit family that I have over there or friends that I really remember, you know, and stay close to me.

34:26 Anybody get that opportunity in Microsoft to my cousin, and so does my uncle my aunt blah blah.

34:32 No, but I guess it is one point where it's like, you know, okay, then like I accept it, you know, it's me. I have no papers is that

34:41 Has it have you always had this attitude that you weren't going to let it hold you back or were there times when you felt like I can't do anything because I don't have papers. Will you definitely I was trying to get a job at when I was 15 14 cuz I wanted to get out of the house like that was too much when I'm with my step dad and my mom and always getting on me, you know, either for grades or where you are because like that like when step daddy used to call me up in their hold that I was lazy that I was there that I was there and I was fed up and I'm like, okay then screw it. I'll just leave, you know, cuz it cuz he always treats me less, you know, like the other like my siblings. Those are his kids, you know what I mean? But me I'm like or just give him the corner like or just give him a gym that give him that

35:31 You know like in one year, okay, what two pairs of shoes or three and they'll get like everything together for closet to get you no drawers full of clothes, you know, but me like they always leave me out.

35:42 Even when I was and I want to talk to you more about it. I know you know what screw this. You know, what trying to find a job. I was trying to get my friends to find jobs for me.

35:52 You know, but it couldn't be like you got papers you got social you got this record that you got ID, and I'm like, okay then screw it like I just deal with it.

36:01 At what point did you or is there anything that made you realize that you still?

36:10 You can still do things even though you weren't documented was it what was her something in school, or was there something that you found out about that made you say way? I still have some but I can still do I can't let anything hold me back.

36:23 When a lot of it was when I got into the theater thing and also when I started writing where I was like making forms and and a lot of my teachers of the next if they were like you should be a writer and this and that I'm like, yeah. That's a good idea got tossed right about a lot of my experiences lot of the lotto how I see things.

36:42 You don't know my yeah, you know basically in the theater is like, you know, you can really hold back there, you know, you can ride you can do poems you can paint you can do that and it's all in that's why you have any you know, what you got in your heart and your mind we having a conscience. What were your feelings are holy

36:58 You know, especially anger, you know, like an angry to a lot of things. You know, my mom for lean on being like that them step that you know him and also my siblings for like ruining my toilet, but now I see he is not of that in like my parents not giving a crap and I'm like, you're like like my summer job. I work very hard and I finally got my PS3 and I got some games and they scratched up my games and like you're not going to do anything about it. And then they know did you see these but when they fuck with their stuff is like all this and that the big big deal, you know, they will always leave me out.

37:38 But what was the question?

37:45 What?

37:51 If you could

37:54 If you could talk to and if you wanted to tell like some politicians about your about the immigration what you would you tell them that how you feel about the whole immigration issues that are coming and going to open up the Border. I don't know I got to say, you know.

38:11 It's not just about Latinos coming here and taking jobs and all of that.

38:16 Those are we have a lot more to give you know, if I have a job, you know, it's not just about my car and by that and by the two houses and by that you're sure if I would cry deserve it, but it's also because well me basically because I want to help somebody else. So, you know, if I get more people thinking like that then maybe they'll be a chain reaction know what I mean, and actually benefit the government will be less gangs, you know, you know less less drugs being distributed or bottle for Less addicts and Sunday.

38:48 So I guess it'll benefit the community in that.

38:54 I guess I don't know a lot about politics in one. But if I if I had Obama to come on man, you know, just help help help help a plane while using

39:10 Thank you Alexi. It's been a pleasure. Thank you. Jen has been a pleasure as well.