Elizabeth Ann Hamlin and Janet Wigodner

Recorded October 4, 2013 Archived October 4, 2013 00:00 minutes
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Elizabeth "Ann" Hamlin (80) talks with Janet Wigodner (54) about her experiences as a adult literacy tutor.

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Ann talks about the difference between child and adult literacy programs and the importance of adult programming and resources.
Ann recalls one of her first literacy students and his struggle and eventual ability to overcome dyslexia.
Ann talks about how illiterate adults that become increasing literate often have trouble with their romantic partners.
Ann and Janet talk about how adult literacy is like rewiring the brain through repetition as well as the different forms of dyslexia. Ann remembers a particular student that benefited from role playing.
Janet on how she appreciates Ann because as a tutor she really thinks about "the whole person."
Ann on tutoring adults: "Can't abby this thing."
Janet on how great it has been working with Ann and with adult literacy. "Its rewarding work working with adult learners."
Ann on what drew her to become an adult literacy tutor and the joy of helping others.
Ann talks about how she enjoys seeing more women come out and receive literacy tutoring.


  • Elizabeth Ann Hamlin (b. 1933)
  • Janet Wigodner (b. 1959)

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Waukegan Public Library

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