Deborah Taub, Cynthia Weinman, Erna Rubinfeld, and Stuart Rubinfeld

Recorded May 25, 2010 Archived May 25, 2010 38:44 minutes
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Deborah Taub (57) and her sister Cynthia Weinman (56) had a conversation with their aunt, Erna Rubinfeld (78), and first cousin, Stuart Rubinfeld (49), to remember their first cousin (and Erna’s nephew), Victor Wald, who died on September 11, 2001 working as a stockbroker in the World Trade Center.

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Debbie introduces Victor Wald and remembers the morning of 9/11, not knowing he started a job at the WTC three weeks before the attacks.
Stu remembers the morning of 9/11, the view of the burning WTC, and thinking Victor shouldn’t have arrived to work yet.
Debbie recalls Victor’s weight, and Harry Ramos, who died with Victor trying to help him down the WTC stairs.
Erna and Cynthia agree that Victor’s death led to his parents’ death shortly after, remembering his burial on his 50th birthday.
Stu remembers Victor as a babysitter, recalls Victor losing an advertising job because of a slogan offered to Head, a tennis apparel company.
Erna revisits the surprise when officials found Victor’s body intact after dying on the 36th floor when the tower collapsed.


  • Deborah Taub
  • Cynthia Weinman
  • Erna Rubinfeld
  • Stuart Rubinfeld

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