Lewis Turner and Karen De Shazer

Recorded October 5, 2010 Archived October 5, 2010 40:51 minutes
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Karen DeShazer (53) interviews her friend, Lewis Turner (78) about his ties to the Mohave Valley area. Lewis remembers the first time he visited Arizona and talks about his work developing agricultural land.

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Karen asks Lewis how he got to Arizona. Lewis remembers growing up in Nebraska. Lewis talks about why he wanted to move to the Southwest.
Lewis talks about his job as an agricultural developer. Lewis remembers the first crops they planted. Lewis talks about working with the Mohave Indian nation and developing the land they owned.
Lewis remembers living on a ranch and what that lifestyle was like.
Lewis talks about getting a position at the local power plant and describes what kind of work he did.
Lewis remembers the first casinos that were built in the area. Lewis talks about how Fort Mohave has changed since he has lived there.
Lewis talks about some of Bullhead’s community characters.


  • Lewis Turner
  • Karen De Shazer

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