Jamila Gowdy and Amelia Gowdy

Recorded March 13, 2015 Archived March 13, 2015 36:15 minutes
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Mother, Amelia Gowdy (56) and her daughter, Jamila Gowdy (16) talk about Sgt. John Gowdy's 30 year military career with the Marines.

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A talks about J's love for her father.
J talks about the excitement she would feel when her dad came home.
J talks about the her peers not understanding her family life.
J remembers when her father told her he would always be "with her."
A talks about the fears she had when her husband was away.
A and J talk about the ways John would reintegrate.
A talks about supporting other military families.


  • Jamila Gowdy
  • Amelia Gowdy

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University of Miami Libraries

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00:06 My name is Amelia Gowdy. I am 56 years old today is March 13th.