Donald Rogus and Denise Davis

Recorded August 25, 2023 Archived August 25, 2023 45:23 minutes
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One Small Step partners Donald Rogus (76) and Denise Davis (69) have a conversation about their passion for art and poetry.

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Donald Rogus (DR) and Denise Davis (DD) discuss why they decided to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
DR and DD connect over their love for art.
DD talks about the church and the struggles that DR faced that caused him to leave the church.
DD talks about how she started teaching art in school when the art program first started.
DR talks about a recent exhibit opening that covers immigrant stories.
DR goes in depth about his passion for sketching and poetry.
DD looks at how the arts are being removed from schools and hopes that this changes.
DD reveals some of the struggles she saw while being a teacher.
DR and DD talk about the welfare system and how they believe it is an issue in todays society.
DD and DR discuss their beliefs around the Bible and the stories within it.


  • Donald Rogus
  • Denise Davis

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