Davin Garcia, Dylan Garcia, Deborah Garcia, and Maddy Nussbaum

Recorded December 1, 2006 Archived December 1, 2006 54:47 minutes
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Two brothers, ages 9 and 13, remember their father who died on 9-11-01

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- What their dad looked like
- boating with dad
- liking that kids don’t treat him differently


  • Davin Garcia
  • Dylan Garcia
  • Deborah Garcia
  • Maddy Nussbaum

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00:05 Hello, my name is Davin Garcia. I am 13 years old today's date is December 1st 2006? I am at Rockville Centre and I'm here with my brother.

00:17 Hi, my name is Dylan. Garcia age 9 today's date is December 1st. 2006. I'm at Rockville Centre And my partner's dad and

00:29 I'm mad enough.

00:37 I'm here with Dylan and

00:41 So guys were here today to talk about your dad first thing. What's your dad's name? Is David Garcia.

01:00 My earliest memory

01:07 Well

01:09 My next door neighbor. I mean not my next door neighbor the guy across the street has a front man that has no trees or anything in the ends. Pretty empty as a sidewalk that goes up the middle. So occasionally in like warm weather. We we go out and to his front lawn and I would be on one side of it and you'd be on the other side and have a baseball catch for like a half an hour.

01:38 And I think that's probably my earliest memory is one catch we had

01:43 Probably when I was about six or seven.

01:50 I was he good at baseball while he could he could place the ball. And yeah, he called me a lot of a lot of fundamentals and how to throw and catch the ball.

02:04 Dylan

02:06 We go camping every year and one year. I remember that we were in a cabin and my dad was out fishing and he came back with the big humongous fish. Call The Pike like 3 ft long added on a rope and it's like everybody in the beach crowding around. It's good time. He found it found it.

02:36 Well, he did it out of the water.

02:44 It was in the water and it is floating on top of the water.

02:59 And the times

03:06 Last time I remember he had white foam things on his face.

03:20 Picture that pees

03:24 About 5 foot 10

03:29 And

03:33 He

03:42 Yeah in like he had black hair. I think black hair light light brown and it was a

03:54 How long was it?

03:59 It is about.

04:05 I know when I think about my dad I would think about the way that he smells.

04:10 Something that I remember.

04:12 Okay.

04:17 I don't remember smelling him but.

04:25 When I was saying he was always taller than me. So I remember looking up at him a lot.

04:33 And I like to talk to him.

04:45 Used to wrestle

04:49 And yeah, I saw the lot and give a shoulder rides.

04:57 Puts me on shoulder Henry rock around.

05:01 What are some things that you like to do?

05:06 Baseball like I used to when I was on a baseball team used to volunteer to help out the practices and you would pitch Balls to the players and they would they would practice they're hitting skills. And yeah, he would hit the balls to the infield and he helped out in our baseball practices.

05:29 Island

05:33 I like fishing. I can't I was always fun.

05:36 Step Beyond, me and Devin really love to play baseball and you know, it was always there to play with us.

05:46 And

05:50 We were always fishing when we went to this Camp before our friends at the camp and we had this nice.

06:03 Speed boat

06:06 Wait, but why?

06:08 White and blue

06:15 Did you guys did you have any special things that you did?

06:25 Well, I can remember one special thing. We did when me and him just I think the two of us went into the City and my mother and my brother went out to my grandparents house and me and my dad went to we went to the city and then we went across the Hudson to New Jersey where we have we bought a boat and that and we bought what he was talking about the white and blue Wellcraft and then we drove up the Hudson River and took about two hours and I remember it was a very clear very clear day in the water was like glass and I can I don't think I'll ever forget that that was

07:11 Yeah, just about it was pretty warm.

07:19 6

07:22 Pretty much and I feel like I was older because the memories very clear in my mind very clear. I can I remember when we were just about halfway up they have there was this huge huge tanker oil? I think it was an oil tanker. I don't know if it had like four cranes and one of those like Hotel looking buildings healthy at the end of the boat in the past by us and I can remember feeling so small against that photo because our boat was like us a very very small fraction of just the tip of that book and when we went by it, it was like looking at looking up at the Empire State Building sideways, so it was huge.

08:11 I remember one time we are at a grandparents house, and he always wanted me to go.

08:23 Go with him on his motorbike. He had a dirt bike and he always wanted me to go on and put it was too afraid to go on it. So I never did and

08:36 And I really want to go on it now.

08:46 Always to ski a lot and we love to ski.

08:53 We we we always skiing in Vermont with her uncle.

08:59 Cuz he lives in Vermont and there's this place called.

09:05 Smuggler's Notch

09:15 Tuskegee ski down my brother. He's like skiing down black diamonds.

09:23 It's a really hard Trail. I remember one time when we were skiing. He always like to take video and to be there to be the cameraman of the action. So when we are skiing down down the hill he had his video camera in his hand and you would ski backwards as us three ski ski down the hill and he would turn around and video tape us skiing down the hill and then I need to wipe out while we were watching the video to see the video screen.

09:58 And you all of snow and saw that.

10:05 Don't remember too much about fighting.

10:10 I remember I couldn't throw a baseball very far one time.

10:15 And I don't know I don't remember getting into like a fight.

10:20 But yeah, he was frustrated that I couldn't get the ball back a couple times, but it was cold out now as little and can really throw a baseball very well at the time so

10:38 What about your dad make you smile?

10:43 Makes me smile just his personality. He had a great personality. I can remember he always

10:54 He always like to make whatever experience we're in better or more worth while he was always making a

11:09 I guess brightening up the action, you know.

11:13 Set a very bright personality.

11:20 Do a lot of things to me and the rest was Workshop is in the basement that he always has to work on made a lot of stuff down there and watch to make it and down there sitting room.

11:38 My kid to all these kinds of tools like every toy you can think of

11:46 Pretty much

11:50 Fix a lot of things.

11:55 I think without him I wouldn't have I would have a tough time understanding computers. I was always interested in computers and learning how to learn their secrets and how to work them properly and he was very

12:12 He knew computers very fondly. He really he worked a lot of a computer is in.

12:18 Computers were his life most a lot of the time it was supposed to screw and so like I remember going into his office and the thing in the World Trade Center on the 97th floor and I remember his his cubicle and his computer and I used to play games on it and I would explore the start menu. That was always I was always fun. I couldn't help myself.

12:52 I remember one time we were at the World Trade Center think of this little restaurant.

13:00 Across Lake like on the

13:03 Beach area whatever on board by the water like and we were always like trying to get the utensils to stick cuz they were magnetic like first discovered magnetic utensils.

13:23 Do you ever have Dreams by bad?

13:28 Don't think of that much.

13:32 Sometimes I do.

13:36 Sometimes I have dreams like envisioning. He was still in our lives and what kind of activities and events and places we go if you are here and

13:50 You know just envisioning life in my in my mind as I lay in bed of how

13:57 What we would be doing if you if things were.

14:02 Different

14:05 If things were hadn't gone as they should have.

14:09 What do you think is the hardest thing?

14:14 She said

14:16 He was like

14:19 The main spot in real life

14:23 Like there's a big circle humongous.

14:28 Fraction taken out of it and he loved to play with us. He was very person. I was very very playful. He love to do things with us.

14:45 I think of him not being here changes pretty much every every aspect of our lives every single one probably. Of course if you was here I wouldn't be here we wouldn't be sitting here talking about

15:03 His presence and

15:07 You know, we would probably.

15:10 Like I remember I think just before.

15:15 Before what happened? We were planning planning on new house, I think and I remember the sketch sketch my mother made of a new house and I think

15:28 The new house we was talkin that was the house.

15:33 Around the block from my grandparents house and it was already it was a it was already. There was a small house and I can remember the sketch that my mother made of a larger Lake addition to that house now.

15:49 I think yeah, it would have been nice nice.

16:01 They don't treat me differently. They treat me like every other kid. Try to make me feel happy all the time, and I do feel happy.

16:12 And

16:14 That's a good thing.

16:20 No, not really. I think most of the kids since you know, they many many other kids in my class.

16:31 Pretty much everyone in my class has you know a family of their own and they haven't really suffered any tragedies like such as this so I think I think most of like my friends and some of my not friends, you know know but to them it's not what they think about everyday so and it's barely what they think about ever sucked. They really don't treat me differently, which is good. It's a good thing because you know, a lot of times I really don't want to be treated differently because a lot of times fact most of the time it's very embarrassing and you know, it's just hard to deal with the fact that

17:20 If other people know that you know that you will be treated differently and you just want to be normal you want to have friends. You want to go places you want to have playdates you went up.

17:33 You know live.

17:35 Life the way it should be treated the way should be.

17:46 Got you through the really hard time when your dad first.

17:55 I don't know. I'm just so long ago.

18:01 I don't know your mom and your brother or said pretty much the day before I probably would have gone to school.

18:14 And

18:18 Guess I just had to

18:23 Be be fine without it without just not worrying about it for.

18:30 Long time

18:33 Is it hard for you to him that that you were so young?

18:37 She said sometimes.

18:43 I can't remember a lot of things about him cuz I was so young. I was it was it was there today so I can do you remember most about him and

18:59 Davin what do you think. You threw?

19:03 Time

19:05 The hardest point the climax of all the the stretch the stress and pain and agony.

19:18 Vista

19:19 Faded away after time and then you know when that day comes back when you later all that all those memories of that pain comes back and then it fades away again. And every year the know the impact gets less painful every single year. I think this year was probably the easiest year and the year before that was a little harder you before that. It was a little hard and just gets easier and easier as the years go on and then and the pain you thought about it just fade away after time.

19:59 Or the penal number

20:02 Right is right pain pain never goes away. It's still in your mind. You know, you can always everyday I envisioned in my mind, you know, I wouldn't be here if he was.

20:31 He taught me a couple things on the computer.

20:36 Don't know that much about it though about the computer, but I know most and other kids in my class and he taught me a lot about baseball. I really love baseball and

20:51 What about soda?

21:02 I don't remember that much.

21:07 Yeah, I think in our situation I guess my mother was always the one who taught me that life lessons and how to be a good person and my father was the person who taught me extra skills like such as baseball computers.

21:26 So them to kind of just completed me pretty much.

21:34 Incision to

21:35 Fishing

21:42 If he was here, what do you think you would?

21:54 What would I say to him?

21:57 I don't know. She was here probably be I know would be I would be after it would be after school. So like

22:09 I think I would be living life like normal families now. I can't think of anything. I would say to him.

22:23 If he if he could hear

22:26 Oh, I see I see.

22:33 I don't know but

22:35 I wish you were here. But what else can I say you nuts the most?

22:41 It's what I would want.

22:43 Fennekin

22:52 We doing.

22:53 Lot more things probably

22:58 Probably be had a new house.

23:03 Maybe and

23:06 We we

23:09 You can be playing we could be in.

23:16 A place we can be at home. We can he can be teaching me more things.

23:25 I don't know.

23:28 I hear the question. I forgot to ask before do you guys did you have any jokes?

23:34 Jokes

23:37 Personal jokes, you know inside jokes

23:41 I really

23:44 I mean, I guess partially because you know, we were both so young.

23:49 No, kind of jokes can say

23:56 Tusa play he used to put bowls over his head and like I told you he some packages have the things inside of a package boxes packages. CC's put water on them and stick it in the face.

24:17 He tried to make you guys laugh.

24:23 Is there anything else you want to talk about that.

24:33 All right. He has a he had and we still haven't had a huge collection of tapes like those tapes.

25:12 Do you like take back the car out of the driveway?

25:17 Cuz I know you couldn't drive because he was legally blind I think and so he was partly he is seeing was partly impaired. So, you know, he couldn't drive so I guess him that his little now you got the back the car out of the driveway.

25:48 And still takes her five or six times.

26:00 Why do you always do that? Cuz then you have to back it out when you drive away.

26:07 That can easier to get back if you have to back it in her back that.

26:14 But my sister get it back out because yet this other car is parked on the road. So

26:28 Things all the time

26:30 Toys

26:34 It's hard to get anything new in the house. He made one tables that he made who is our living room and it was all color shoes the wooden table and put our stuff on it for the magazines and stuff. But I think we still have it. So we just don't use it that much.

27:05 Our whole room are most of our house has been redone.

27:18 Thank you God.