Elizabeth Brady and Jennifer Perrow

Recorded July 8, 2023 Archived July 8, 2023 50:19 minutes
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One Small Step partners and long time friends Elizabeth Brady (58) and Jennifer Perrow (53) discuss what they are most proud of in the past year, working in HR and accommodating the hardships people are facing in their jobs, and what patriotism means to them.

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Elizebeth Brady (E) and Jennifer Perrow (J) share why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
J speaks to how her faith impacts her political views.
E describes her political upbringing and understanding the logic of others.
J shares about what she has been most proud of in the last year.
E talks about it being okay to apologize to your children.
J talks about some of the kindness in her life.
The two discuss the gift of granting grace and accommodating employees' unique needs in HR work.
E speaks to what being patriotic means to her.
J and E talk about seeing the American flag.
E and J share their takeaways.


  • Elizabeth Brady
  • Jennifer Perrow

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