Elizabeth Johnson, Cliff Johnson, and Virginia Bairby

Recorded March 20, 2023 Archived March 20, 2023 38:58 minutes
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Elizabeth “Libby” Johnson (71) and Cliff Johnson (73) speak with their pastor, Virginia Bairby (35), about their life together in Taos, New Mexico.

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E speaks about growing up in Taos, New Mexico, her education and career, and meeting C.
E remembers her grandfather and her parents. She describes her father's law practice and what it was like to move back to Taos with C.
E reflects on her experience getting older and what her life looks like now.
E speaks about her teaching career.
E and C reflect on the changes they have seen in Taos. They remember working together at C's law practice.
C shares his experiences as a firefighter.
E and C describe raising children in Taos.


  • Elizabeth Johnson
  • Cliff Johnson
  • Virginia Bairby

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Taos Public Library

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