Ellagrace Kays and Suzanne Sumner

Recorded October 26, 2023 Archived October 26, 2023 54:31 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Ellagrace Kays (18) and Suzanne Sumner (60) talk about their faith, identity, and loss of loved ones.

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Ellagrace Kays and Suzanne Sumner talk about growing up and how their faith beliefs have changed.
Suzanne recalls a moment from an Ash Wednesday church service and considers the importance placed upon ritual vs. people.
Ellagrace talks about attending the Greek Orthodox Church and identifying as queer. She describes the Pascha celebration.
They talk about studying history.
Ellagrace talks about her disability. Suzanne talks about experiencing vertigo during a time when her mother was in the hospital.
Ellagrace talks about losing her grandfather.
Suzanne talks about losing her in-laws and her mother.
Ellagrace talks about her identity as an asexual person.
Suzanne talks about her ancestor, abolitionist Charles Sumner and how she got into teaching Civil Rights and Math.
They talk about interests in archeology digs, chickens, bee hives and chocolate pound cake.


  • Ellagrace Kays
  • Suzanne Sumner

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