Emma Leither and Antonia Walsh

Recorded August 31, 2023 Archived August 31, 2023 01:06:41
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Emma Leither (25) and Antonia "Toni" Walsh (24) have a One Small Step Conversation in Jackson, Wyoming. They find common ground amongst their political differences.

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Emma Leither (EL) and Antonia "Toni" Walsh (TW) each share why they wanted to do this.
TW answers a question about her liberal family and what conflict that might cause as she has become conservative.
EL talks about her family and their political differences.
TW asks EL about growing up Catholic and her own sexuality. Themes of homophobia and the Church's view of gay marriage are discussed.
They discuss biblical interpretations: literal or contextual.
TW shares a comical story about her sexual exploration and coming out to her parents.
TW mentions being diagnosed with an invisible illness as a disability.
EL talks about the election of Trump in 2016 as being a pivotal moment in her life. TW shares her memory of that day.
TW talks about 2020 (COVID19, Black Lives Matter "riots") and her participation in the protests at that time as pivotal.
TW talks about choosing not to get the COVID19 vaccine and disliking mandates.
EL attributes George Floyd's murder as an awakening for her about her Whiteness.
TW's childhood growing up in CA bilingual and in an ethnically diverse immigrant community. She did not see race but identified people by their cultural heritage.
TW talks about learning about racism. EL talks about racism of growing up in a homogenous white dominate community. Institutionalized racism.
TW asks EL about what reparations would look like in the US.
TW calls the difference between liberals and conservatives as a little picture vs. big picture perspective where solutions are applied to the whole society that she sees are best for the individual.
EL talks about a "mutual aid pool" that she donates to.
They talk about issues at the US/Mexico border.
They discuss patriotism and how to "celebrate" America.
They reflect on the conversation and what they each learned and will carry with them.


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