Muted by Despair but Unloyal to Illusions

Recorded November 28, 2017 Archived November 28, 2017 05:50 minutes
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Fredrick Mitchell was born into a time of gray mists and steady rain. At the age of 5 living in Biloxi Mississippi, things started to get seized from him. First the rights of school were taken from him, then his father. Death was looming over his father for many years, until on Fredricks 5th birthday, he was taken. His father’s supposed last words were “Follow your dreams”; and those words were very powerful to him. These words are what Fredrick based his whole life journey on. Whatever he faced he would either fight through it or die trying. Malik ware interviews his auntie Francis Ware as she talks about how her father was muted by despair but unloyal to illusions. Listen to Interview to find out more.


  • Francis Ware
  • Malachi Ware

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