Frances Vicioso, Regan Hanley, and CoCo Marie

Recorded July 26, 2023 Archived July 26, 2023 40:14 minutes
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Colleagues and board members of OutFront Kalamazoo Frances Vicioso (34), Regan Hanley (63), and CoCo Marie (46) share their journeys coming into their identities, reflecting on how the queer experience takes shape across different generations and communities. The three also discuss how respectability politics within the LGBTQIA+ community can be harmful to intersectional identities and experiences.

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Frances Vicioso (FV) reflects on how the queer community can vary regionally.
CoCo Marie (CM) explains how there used to be more queer businesses in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
FV talks about considering themselves a queer and trans elder.
CM reflects on the intersection of their age and their queerness. They share how, among older members of the community, the difference between being "gay" and being "queer" is more pronounced and rooted in respectability politics.
Regan Hanley (RH) talks about growing up in the 1960s and hiding her true self after seeing the abuse that trans people often suffered through.
CM emphasizes how older queer folks can sometimes feel somewhat threatened by expressions of new-age queerness, like preferred pronouns.
FV explains how they try to balance their reverence for old queer folks and recognition that some of their politics are harmful to them.
RH talks about how supportive her kids were of her trans identity and new pronouns when she came out.
FV talks about how labels can often be oppressive.


  • Frances Vicioso
  • Regan Hanley
  • CoCo Marie

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Kalamazoo Public Library

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