Gabriela Solis interviews her mother, Christine Solis, about her experiences as a woman

Recorded November 14, 2021 Archived November 14, 2021 33:50 minutes
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In this interview, Gabriela Solis (21) talks with Christine Solis (65) about what it was like to grow up as a woman. As her childhood and early teen years were in the 60s and her adult life started in the 70s, Christine shares how her family dynamic influenced the way she grew up in this time period and how she views the importance of family with her own kids and spouse. After a long career in international sales with many achievements, she discusses how she was glad she was able to retire and focus on her family in a time when her family needed her most. She touches on how this was fulfilling to her and gave her the most happiness in her adult life.


  • Gabriela Solis
  • Christine Solis

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