Geena Lazzerini and Wendy Joyce-Fenton

Recorded August 28, 2023 Archived August 28, 2023 46:30 minutes
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One Small Step Partners, Geena Lazzerini (21) and Wendy Joyce-Fenton (59), discuss the need for community, spirituality, and connection as well as their differing views on social issues such a gun control.

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Geena Lazzerini (G) asks Wendy Joyce-Fenton (W) about her time at the Dharma Center and the two discuss their views on structured religion.
W asks G about Thelema.
G describes her political views and why she is viewed as conservative.
G asks W how she identifies politically. W explain her liberal views. They discuss tolerance and open-mindedness.
W and G explain their differing views on gun rights.
G and W discuss masking and Covid 19 vaccines.
G asks W about her work with autistic students.
W asks G what brings her joy.


  • Geena Lazzerini
  • Wendy Joyce-Fenton

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