Georgeann Jones-broth and Joseph Gabriszeski

Recorded August 3, 2023 Archived August 3, 2023 56:21 minutes
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One Small Step partners Georgeann Jones-Broth (72) and Joseph "Joe" Gabriszeski (72) being apart of military families and their unique political perspectives.

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Georgeann Jones-Broth (GJ) and Joseph "Joe" Gabriszeski (JG) discuss why they decided to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
GJ talks about the 2020 election and gun control laws.
JG talks about his work and living in the DC area.
JG discusses his fathers experiences in WW2.
GJ talks about how her son became interested in a family members service during WW1.
GJ discusses a friends choice to run for local office.
JG posses the question about wether religion could be the answer to issues that the country is facing.
GJ talks about marrying into a Jewish family.
GJ and JG discuss their personal religious beliefs.
JG talks about working in the security field and how he got involved in this type of work.
JG discusses the issue of poverty.


  • Georgeann Jones-broth
  • Joseph Gabriszeski

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