Graeme Manning and Stewart Manning

Recorded June 4, 2023 Archived June 4, 2023 39:05 minutes
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Father and son Graeme Manning (63) and Stewart Manning (24) share a conversation about their family, their relationship, and their upbringings. The two also share stories from each of their childhoods and reflect on the opportunities they have had, particularly as Graeme and his wife decided to move from Britain to the United States to raise Stewart and his brother.

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Stewart Manning (SM) asks Graeme Manning (GM) about his father, SM's grandfather.
SM asks GM how their upbringings may have been different.
GM and SM joke about the differences between raising kids in the United Kingdom versus the United States, considering GM was raised in the U.K., and he raised SM in the U.S.
SM talks about his decision to move away from home to finish college in Boulder, Colorado.
GM remembers wanting to gain U.S. citizenship so that he could vote.
SM reflects on his parents not having been born in the U.S.
GM remembers the moment he felt proudest of SM.
GM asks SM what he would like to tell him if this were their last conversation together.


  • Graeme Manning
  • Stewart Manning

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Plaza of the Rockies

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