Grammy talks about her experience while Pop-Pop was in the Veitnam War (2017)

Recorded November 27, 2017 Archived November 27, 2017 21:51 minutes
Id: APP401398


In this interview, myself (Erin) interviews my grandma (Nancy). My grandma is 70 and I'm 13. I asked my grandma a series of questions but I noticed that one topic kept being brought up and that is what it was like for her while Pop-Pop was in the Vietnam War. She said that everyday she would like down the street to see if there was a military car stopping at house and if it would stop at hers. Also, that the only way to communicate with her husband was by recording tapes of her talking and of my mom as a kid. She says, "It was the strangest thing sitting in front a of a stupid tape recorder trying to talk to him." In this interview, she talks a lot about my mom as a kid and what she was like. I realized that my mom and I are a lot alike. This interview helped my grandma and I open up and connect more with each other, I'm grateful for that.


  • Nancy Swanson (grandma)
  • Erin Macaulay

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