"Gratitude never gets us in trouble."

Recorded October 19, 2018 Archived October 19, 2018 55:47 minutes
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I'm not proud of anything I've done," Paulist Father Tom Hall told the crowd gathered at his retirement party after 30 years as a Navy chaplain. He says that the room was silent. "I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude. Pride--no. There's nowhere in Scripture and the teachings of the Catholic Church that says pride is good for anything except getting us into trouble. National pride leads nations into unjust wars. Personal pride leads men into doing very bad things. Gratitude never gets us in trouble."

These days Hall's grateful tours of duty include walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage across France and Spain. He shares insights on falling in love with church, community, and more in this interview with Jennifer Szweda Jordan conducted for The Paulist Fathers. Photo by Ryan Haggerty.


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