Guy Linscott and Brenda Peluso

Recorded April 28, 2023 Archived April 28, 2023 33:34 minutes
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Guy Linscott (85) speaks with his Daughter Brenda Peluso (61) about his experiences in the Navy and Coast Guard. Guy reflects on what the military taught him and remembers his friends and mentors who have passed.

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Guy (G) gives some background on his family’s military history.
G talks about joining the national guard at 15 years old.
G explains his reasoning for joining the Navy versus the Army.
G remembers the lieutenant who encouraged him to get his GED while in the Navy.
G discusses entering the Coast Guard later in life and being the oldest seaman.
G remembers being on active duty during the Cold War.
G explains why he didn’t want to retire from the military.
G speaks about how the discipline he learned in the military made him successful in other aspects of life.
G remembers his friends who have passed and emphasizes the importance of friendship.


  • Guy Linscott
  • Brenda Peluso

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