Halima Ahmadi-Montecalvo and Noura Bashshur

Recorded June 8, 2023 Archived June 8, 2023 38:16 minutes
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Colleagues Halima Ahmadi-Montecalvo (41) and Noura Bashshur [no age given] discuss their experiences as women of color in the United States and their work in health technology.

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Noura (N) describes the start of her career.
Halima (H) shares her path to UniteUs.
N recounts being beaten up because she was from a brown family.
H talks about becoming a refugee and moving to the US.
N and H discuss times they have experienced bias.
H connects her work to her personal experiences.
H asserts the value of lived experience.
H talks about collaboration as key to addressing health equity.
N stresses the need for faster innovations in health Equity.


  • Halima Ahmadi-Montecalvo
  • Noura Bashshur

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Howard University Blackburn Center

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