Heather Lustig-Curran and Greg Lingo

Recorded June 24, 2021 Archived June 22, 2021 40:45 minutes
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One Small Step partners Heather Lustig-Curran (49) and Greg Lingo (67) talk about their beliefs across many various topics. Heather discusses her experience as a teacher and a mother and how she works to encourage free thought with her students and children, and Greg reflects on his experiences witnessing the Massive Resistance as a child and how that informed his ideas of race today.

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GL and HL share their reason for participating in One Small Step.
Greg talks about his moderate political leanings.
Heather discusses her experience as a teacher during COVID-19 and how she talks about shaping beliefs and critical thoughts with her students.
Heather speculates about where her students form their political opinions.
Greg talks about he and his wife choosing to homeschool their children.
Heather talks about her upbringing in an Army family.
Greg remembers being in school during the Massive Resistance and reflects on his exposure to race through school, moving, and being in the Air Force.
Heather talks about listening to adult students of hers reflect on racism they’ve seen or witnessed in their life.
Greg reflects on whether he experiences guilt about the racism that has existed in the United States.
Heather talks about a teacher conference she’s been attending where she has learned about inclusivity and the history of the US.
Greg talks about the history of his last name.


  • Heather Lustig-Curran
  • Greg Lingo

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