Herb Albert and Karl Kimball

Recorded May 9, 2023 Archived May 9, 2023 51:05 minutes
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One Small Step partners Herb Albert (71) and Karl Kimball (61) sit down for a conversation about the political divide in our country and the obstacles of racial discrimination.

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Herb Albert (HA) and Karl Kimball (KK) discuss why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
KK identifies his political affiliation and why he aligns with the principles of the Republican Party.
HA talks about how growing up as an African American has influenced his decision to align himself with the Democratic Party.
KK discusses conversations he has had with his Hispanic wife that have given him some awareness of the existence of racial discrimination.
HA discusses the reality of discrimination in his life as an African American man.
HA talks about his adamancy to not dismiss those with opposing political views.
KK and HA discuss their beliefs pertaining to abortion.
KK presents his perspective on the political polarization present in the United States.
KK shares his perception of the ideology behind people who are drawn to support Donald Trump.
HA questions the next steps for people to take to get the U.S. "back on the track."


  • Herb Albert
  • Karl Kimball

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