Howard Jordan and Andrew Jordan

Recorded May 18, 2023 Archived May 18, 2023 42:30 minutes
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Howard "Louis" Jordan (69) speaks to his son Andrew Jordan (42) about his experience as a teenager in Americus, Georgia during the early years of school desegregation. Louis remembers moments he defied those resistant to integration and reflects on times he wished he had done more.

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Louis (L) speaks about growing up in Americus, Georgia.
L remembers the first Black student at his school who was heavily ostracized.
L speaks about the Civil Rights protests and KKK counterprotests that took place in Americus.
L recalls his Senior year when his high school was fully integrated.
L mentions his older brother, who was more resistant to integration.
L speaks about his mother who was a teacher and “light in the community.”
L describes the “sense of loss” he witnessed when the Black students had to leave their former schools.
L talks about the dance that he helped put on with the Key Club when the school canceled all dances after integration.
L explains his younger brother Johnny’s school experience when many white families had transferred their children to “segregation academies”.
L remembers going to a nearby county for a basketball game and a fight breaking out between Black and white students.
L remembers Black players of a visiting basketball team not being allowed into his church and feeling shame about not intervening.
L remembers speaking to his mom about the church incident.


  • Howard Jordan
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