“I felt like I was cheated out of my childhood”

Recorded December 1, 2017 Archived December 1, 2017 15:57 minutes
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The topic of deportation is something that’s talked about on the daily by many, but no one knows how it actually feels for a loved one that’s forcefully taken away from their home after having made a life for themselves in the states. In this interview, 15-year-old Valeria Barrientos interviews her mother, forty-three-year-old Gina Najera Barrientos on November 24, 2017, in Los Angeles, California about having to grow up fast. As being the oldest sibling she had many responsibilities, including cooking for the family and caring for her two younger siblings. Her family had struggled with an alcoholic father, and more recently Gina lost her brother, her parents lost a son, and Valeria lost an uncle. Their loved one, Jose Wilfredo Najera Otero, was deported back to Honduras as a consequence of his past life choices.


  • Gina Barrientos

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