"I think that this, this is my home"

Recorded January 6, 2018 Archived January 6, 2018 40:14 minutes
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Within this interview, conducted January 2018 in Boulder Creek, California, Samuel English (17) discusses life and the effects of immigrating to the United States as an independent German citizen with his mother, Andrea Rosa English (49). Mrs. English recollects some of the darkest yet also fondest memories stored within the depths of her thoughts; furthermore, she shares her story on how she traveled to America as well as the various poignant reasons why she decided to stay here. Join them as they embark on a journey delving into the riches and traditions of European culture, the power of adventurous emotion recollected within the heart, and an open discourse as to the current standing of what it means to become an "American citizen."


  • Andrea English
  • Samuel English

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