Immigration from the Philippines to the United States - Maria Rosete

Recorded June 2, 2023 Archived June 2, 2023 45:00 minutes
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Maria Rosete, my mother, moved to the US in the year of 1980, petitioned by her father at just 13 years old to find a better life. Though of course she had loving memories when living in the Philippines, the lifestyle in the impoverished country was much different in opportunities and just finding something to eat compared to the US. Although the US comes with better/more jobs; as an immigrant, Maria experienced racial discrimination and became homesick with this new life she was set up to have.

to sum up what Maria was saying at the end since it cut off at the 45 minute time limit:

When working in the US, after aiming for a position as the manager, someone else was chosen despite their lack of skill to have the job. Later the other person was fired for stealing money and my mother, Maria was given the job. She says that she feels she was underestimated because of her appearance/where she came from.


  • Kanoelani Johnson
  • Maria Rosete

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