Immigration Stories Italy: Savaneh Lamin

Recorded September 16, 2018 Archived September 16, 2018 26:28 minutes
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Savaneh Lamin, who goes by Lamin, talks about his arduous journey from the Ivory Coast to Libya and then crossing the sea to be rescued by a Ship. Once rescued by a ship he was brought to Italy and then on to Villa Barbiero Centro Accoglienza Immigrati in Calabria.

On his journey, Lamin was kidnapped and beaten. Twice. Which as it stands is fairly common for people who cross Northern African along a route to Libya to be taken advantage of and suddenly kidnapped. Whether one makes to Libya at all is a huge gamble.

Savaneh Lamin is remarkably 44 years old, and the oldest of the refugees I interviewed. Though Lamin has a young appearance, he has many emotional scars that become apparent as he gently shares his story of his journey to Calabria's immigrant center, Villa Barberia.


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