Importance of Local Medicine in Yap

Recorded January 29, 2024 Archived January 29, 2024 10:16 minutes
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Lilliana (39) interviewed Josephine Leethin (80) about the importance of local medicine in Yap that students can learn at school. Yapese local medicines are passed down from elders by teaching their kids the names of plants, trees, herbs, flowers, ferns, etc... Children must know where to find a particular plant and what it looks like. Local medicine does not cost a lot of money to purchase, one only needs to know the plants that are needed for particular illnesses, cuts/wounds, bruises, and others. Josephine also mentioned that it is very important to teach the students those local medicines that can be used regularly in case they cut themselves accidentally or something falls into their eyes, and they are by themselves without an adult or before they can get help from someone.


  • Josephine Leethin
  • Lilly Gootinag

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