"Give Back"

Recorded November 26, 2018 Archived November 26, 2018 14:08 minutes
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Kaitlyn Riggs (16) interviewing her Mom, Janine Riggs (45) in her home in EHT,NJ on Novemeber 25th, 2018. They discuss Janine's proudest accomplishments, and what each person accomplished in their life so far. They discuss Janine's inspiration, and her life prior to children. Janine grew up moving around frequently, and mentions how having financial stability. Janine discusses the day Kaitlyn was born, and her father fooled Janine on thinking it was a boy. Lastly, Janine describes how growing up all of the activities she did, along wither her biggest regrets.


  • Kaitlyn Riggs
  • Janine Riggs

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