Interview about the life of Robert E. Malouf

Recorded November 25, 2017 Archived November 25, 2017 20:16 minutes
Id: APP383763


This interview was conducted on November 24th 2017 in Corvallis, Oregon. In this interview, Amelia Smith (14), interviews her grandfather, Robert E. Malouf (71), about his life. Robert Malouf shares stories about his grandfather, who came to the United States from Lebanon as a teenager, and his father (Carling Malouf), who was a professor specializing in archaeology. He also shares several stories about growing up and going to school in Missoula, Montana. Robert E. Malouf also talks about some of the jobs he has had, like being a bar swamper, working on the railroad in summers, being a professor, and being a director of Sea Grant.


  • Robert E. Malouf
  • Amelia Smith

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