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Joyce Frye, resident of Morrison Village (2503 Old Mobile Ave, Pascagoula, MS 39567) is interviewed by Reba Brown, Library Assistant 1 from Singing River Genealogy-Local History Library on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Ms. Frye discusses her pets, why she moved from Pennsylvania in 2009 to the Mississippi Gulf coast, her family, and her father's workplace.


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00:00 My mom's side of the family and one of my dad's side of the family of our family history, and our family and Studebaker.

00:15 We have to talk about animal stories to mentioning that my family dates, back to the Conestoga wagon and Studebakers. And I also have many animals stories.

00:50 Every time we go to visit my grandmother and may cat would take off.

00:57 And we never saw the catch the whole summer and my grandparents would come and visit for like it. A visit up north to us.

01:09 Be there in October or November and the day that my grandparents are coming to visit the catfish show, back up and spend the whole rest of the year was that we had a family and went to visit because it was different. People were there during the summer months. They had vacation hunt in the city of Pittsburgh, PA.

01:58 The talking about me out there.

02:05 Skip-Bo game here. Okay, and I start playing with them since I moved in and Daya.

02:13 When it moves that you do or plays on it now, they've named it after.

02:26 Who is that? So, when did you move down here? I have been down here since July 22nd, 2009.

02:34 I move down after my dad passed away in May 2009.

02:43 On my life, who killed 2009.

02:47 Screwed up there.

02:52 My decide to come to the Pacific coast.

02:57 Brother and his family was well, his wife is from this area. OK. And so they were living down here. When he be near my brother and sister-in-law and my nephew. My nephew nephews are a big part of my life. I've been down here for 10 years almost.

03:20 I guess my sleekly.

03:27 It's been 10 years since my dad passed away. Just last week. We actually he passed away on May 8th. 2009, Steven Thomas Frye.

03:41 And he has,

03:44 He works for a motor repair company, electric motor repair company. I worked on these huge Motors, a train or on a boat in to see the shop where he was working at. Now at that time and it was a motor, they were working on and I was able to crawl inside of it. It was standing up this high.

04:33 But yeah, he is the last place he worked out when?

04:41 Before he passed away, he works there from

04:44 2093 summer 93 to when he passed away.

04:53 In 2009 and was instrumental in getting that place started back up. It was the first employee hired by the boss.

05:03 Because,

05:08 They had some place that he had the same place. He worked for before hand was in the same building, is his boss there. His name is Joe quickly on that. The company does last year's that my dad was alive. He bought the place in 93 after it. Went bankrupt in May 93.

05:31 And then so summer like August 93, my dad went in and started helping open place back up in that and

05:43 My dad was a good worker on it, such a good worker, that I had such a nice thoughts that Barros.

05:54 When he was sick with pancreatic cancer, when he first got the diagnosis and was doing chemo and radiation. They the boss paid him for a 40 hour work week so that they had their health insurance coverage and then my dad just bought, you know, he put in some overtime, you know, afterwards, any other time you work, but of course, he had a lot of work. A lot of people would request my dad because, you know, he was a good worker. Are you knew what he was doing that? Well, it was March 2009.

06:33 Well, it's weird. It was the year before my guests are having stomach issues and that went on for about a year and they were trying to figure out what was filing. A figured out. My dad had a sickening of the duodenum.

06:51 As stomach, which is where the stomach empties into the attempt, on what they had to do, is they had to take to do a DM out and reattach stomach to the adjuster.

07:13 Well.

07:16 My dad kisses surgery. Okay, but come to find out somehow.

07:23 His intestines hurt after the surgery. And the next weekend. We almost lost them. They went back in and took out the Dead.

07:38 Intestines hook them up to the closet to me that he never got off the respirator.

07:44 He was on and had Mercer and pneumonia. So he died. He got hit with triple-double boatloads and plus we found out to when they did surgery on his stomach that he has cirrhosis of the liver, which we think was from the chemo and radiation.

08:15 So, during the time that my dad.

08:19 It was about six weeks.

08:23 At the end of April, they said to me last night that they couldn't, the doctor said they couldn't do anything at all during this time.

08:33 The boss didn't fire. My dad kept them on the pay work. Work week. 40 hours a week. Yeah.

08:44 I paid into the 401K and everything the whole time. He was in the hospital.

08:51 It was, and then he,

08:55 When we found out that the doctor said that they couldn't do anything more for him and transferred him from Pittsburgh, PA to Erie, PA. And we have feeling for an Oklahoma and Arizona in Somerset, PA and New York at the time.

09:15 And they had told us the doctor said, told us bring his family in.

09:23 Let them know that he's not going to make it until he was in a nursing home because we couldn't take care of them because of being on the respirator.

09:37 Bossman paid for, I think. At one time we had four or five sweet and a good Motel up there.

09:47 And I know we were there for like, three weeks, three, four weeks that he paid for about three weeks. He paid for this week. We have like four of them, and they were good.

10:02 I'm a nice size rooms and it had meals every night as a weekday and really help you pay for the funeral and the burial, are there, you know, the cost of taking care of the body and all that.

10:28 Fairview, Pennsylvania, I don't know where he's at now, but I really Pennsylvania Electric Motor Service.

10:47 Anyways, that's one of the things I remember.

10:52 Like I said, it's been 10 years since my dad passed away. So I really made a difference soon. Ya did.

11:01 That was a rough time for me though, because I to August 2008, his mom.

11:10 Castaway.

11:13 The end of March. My cousin lost a child.

11:19 The same weekend that the weekend after my dad had his surgery and that he was in for the one we almost lost them while we were done in Pittsburgh. Now to head toward us, while we don't know if he was going to make it through that time. When he perforated his

11:42 Cats times and they told us let his family know, you know, it's a my uncle was in, Arizona.

11:53 And he while he was there, that weekend, his granddaughter passed away.

12:02 So, yeah, and it was strange how it worked out, you know, that his granddaughter passed away while he was in the state, you know.

12:12 So anyways,

12:15 Such a ham.

12:17 And then, like I said, my dad passed away in May and then in November 2009, my grandmother my mom's mom passed away.

12:30 My grandmother pilner went to school with the actress that played Alice on Brady Bunch Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania. So yeah, Lawrence B Henderson.

12:51 I know that was the lady that played the mother. I'm trying to think and be David and be David years ago.

13:08 I still have my grandfather alive. He's 94. My dad. My mother still alive. I live with her.

13:24 Catherine. And

13:29 She used to be her maiden name is toner and

13:36 Our family is.

13:39 Her son in the family. Her dad family is from Austria-Hungary. So

13:49 Definitely got a bit of like the German background in her family.

14:00 I do miss them, my brother and sister-in-law are up there visiting are on their way up there to visit with some of their friends and some of the family this weekend. So my daughter with them while they're traveling. So, anyways, my grandfather had some stories to I had, I don't know if I still do somewhere, but we used to have a book that listed.

14:33 The family lineage, on my dad's side of the family for his father and then the lady said my mom's side of the family for her mom.

14:43 Yeah, but I'm not sure what we did with them to a certain point. And I remember one year we went with my

14:51 Get parents to the national archives in Washington DC, over Thanksgiving vacation, and we were doing research on family lineage as trying to do like

15:08 Grandfather's side of the family. I think my dad or my mom's father's side of the family or something or as it was for Mom. And we only got back about two or three generations in them that. Yeah, because I guess there was a fire on Ellis Island where they where they lost the records.

15:34 Especially when

15:38 Yes.

15:39 If you don't can't trace it back, maybe you go to that country. So but yeah.

15:56 Reba, talking about animals out there and their

16:01 Amazing. What type of story is she come up with animals in that attic?

16:10 Ebony.

16:12 And I was going through a real rough. And it's very much known as one day. I

16:19 Cats broke into the bathroom while I was in there and preventing me from committing suicide.

16:27 Hey, do you think I'm still, you know?

16:30 Especially when you're sad, but they know when you're

16:33 Do they do, they do?

16:36 Anyways.

16:44 It's pretty much what I can think of right now, that I was thinking of.

16:50 Start a 1-minute Mark, anyway.