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Recorded May 17, 2019 Archived May 17, 2019 21:14 minutes
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Marie Redmond, participant in senior activities at Morrison Village (2503 Old Mobile Ave, Pascagoula, MS 39567) is interviewed by Reba Brown, Library Assistant 1 from Singing River Genealogy-Local History Library on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Ms. Marie, a former Sunday school teacher, discusses her cats, her health battles, and her family.


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00:00 I'm at Rita Brown. And this is Marty Redmond, and she's going to tell us about her cats.

00:07 Well, it's beginning. I had a cat that was 22 years old in 2017 when she died and then I ended up dying when she was a little bitty teeny weeny Mississippi's down to Moss Point. We had good times with her and everything, but then she died and then I didn't have a cat for a while, but then I got sick before I got sick. I got a cat of him. I said, here's a pretty catch me. Come see it. Well, I picked it up and let go so I guess it's my family. Thought it was a little boy. I'm a little girl and so I named her Prince's cuz you took her to the vet. It was a little boy Mama's little boy.

00:57 So, we named we should one take off the stairs and put Prince. Well, then I got sick after that. Look at me. Like, can I help? Can I help everytime I get real sticky. Help. When when I was in the house and I had somebody else to take care of you while I called her his aunt KK.

01:29 I see if where she didn't want nothing to do with me cuz I've been gone for a whole month and then another whole month and sign me up to me, and he wouldn't let go. And now I can go home. I can come up here at the clubhouse or go with church and when I get back home, he standing at the door, waiting on them. And they said, they got to have 18 hours of sleep. Will I eat it? If he gets here and then when I go ready to lay down and then I'm going to go lay down and go to sleep.

02:07 She jumped off the bed. Goes underneath the bed sleeps until he decides. If I go up get up or something, then he'll come back up again on this container. Okay, I know you like the water, but you're not getting in my water cuz I got you some more. He turned his War upside down and he kept on looking at it. He lets me know when he's ready for his snacks.

02:46 Well, I had to hide him in the chest. Cigar got to go all the way to someone into a fight where he took it out.

03:08 So now we hiding in the closet cuz I can play. No, you ain't going in there but he is a sweet little thing. I mean, he's real sweet. Care body. He's not try to bite. Nobody except me and you cuz I'll be doing this for me except for sister-in-law and two nieces and nephews that are out of town.

03:37 What are you sick with? How? Well, honey? I've had a lot of sickness. I had no, I had my gallbladder taken out cuz it was dead and I kept coming back to the hospital said. I had a heart attack, my neck, all the way around, was hurting real bad side. And in June in June is back, something,, something to give Janice Walkers and all them, they could figure it out if it twisted. So I went in June and they took out my electric.

04:25 And in December 3rd and winning cuz it's still going on in and see what's going on down here. Cuz my mom. And then I had

04:46 Small intestine half of it. So I know who's going to take care of me and I'm still here.

05:12 Cinema website. God's got something for me.

05:17 I don't think they do is like I can't rely on Walt good. I used to teach Sunday school. Sorry, I had talked for 30 years and I can't do it. No more cuz I can't get down there and play with the kids. I used to get down there cuz it's just been on and off bad legs, but I'm here and I try to do what I can.

05:39 Uterine.

05:55 Just to talk to come back and get you but I'm in 9 years. No way.

06:00 Is C10 and listening?

06:10 Calvin blessed, Billy Blanks cuz he can come anytime but he said you not through.

06:20 So it's like what you do like work-wise.

06:32 Service, Blanca Resort your makeup. Somebody else to go from Saudi Arabia. And what position did you have a dishwasher and a couple years later. I've moved up to salad. I mean to dishwasher salad girl helped put together.

07:05 Help my brother, took parties together room service, main line up. Good tips. Meant a lot of actresses and singers and all that. And then I was like, I was about to cook dinner dinner. Took her mother-in-law was my boss, and she work at The Loft on a log with using the school system, and she needs some help if it's Magnolia Junior High. I had to use my whole name and I signed thing for 7 years. That's when I had the chance. I had to quit at 7.

07:57 I never been back to work cuz the doctor said, I could not walk. No more, at least 200 feet. Plus, I don't need work anymore. So he's working. I missed it. I enjoyed it.

08:13 Got to stop some time to get used to my knees hurt. Me like that. And I have school teachers came up there, cuz I'm doing my work shirts and blouses cuz I'm still working customers and talk about me and I don't like that. I walked out the door.

09:05 Don't talk about me, not when I'm doing all the work, and they're sitting back there, and I had to go to the shelf and put new stuff on there. And then so close. I said I ain't doing that. You can't take this. Goodbye.

09:22 Just left the job. I did that.

09:34 I had good time when I do, like your parents, I mean, they brought us this way. They could. What we did right or not. I've been made cuz I said something wrong. I shouldn't say.

09:53 I didn't hear that door locked. That's what you get. That's what you deserve when you walked out the house at 2.

10:37 Don't respond with that pink dress whites. You sitting in size and swimming. In the deep sea.

11:05 These kids just got computers and all this. They don't know what playing outside to go outside and play.

11:20 My mother used to say,

11:44 I miss them both. But God had a reason he worked at the international. It's time for darker. My mother had cancer when she was carrying me on the 28th of July 23rd 1990.

12:13 But he's worked out there. He's worked day and night he work. Sometimes he when you come home for the next day cuz this way they work if your other person didn't come in.

12:33 You know.

12:35 Are you still out there and get your check? Cuz he got sick and couldn't do that. He was like 350. Me and my brother is my youngest brother.

12:53 We got to be small, swamp, Baptist Church. My aunt that I'm named after which is my mom has double sister and we had to get her to go. Me and his place cuz you was having my kids get baptized.

13:21 Animal. Mama. You do you care if we go. I know they stole mama. Get you fifty chance. He may not. Thank you so much. So don't find me.

14:02 I'm watching my number and he wants supposed to leave between 70 died at age 58.

14:12 My brother's name is Carol, Whitney.

14:14 My dad money for dredging.

14:17 My dad at 3. Last night, Boy Smith.

14:25 Cast of Luke Cage.

14:32 My mother married an o r e o r y.

14:37 So she has a small named busy with her mother.

14:52 Call me again, but that was her name is Mary Ann Lynch. But if your sister call me Allen.

15:36 I get out. Can I get the kids just call me BeBe?

15:41 B, Ruth b Murray, are you ready?

15:56 BB gun or Roman Reigns resources, that's what I am or plays out. Every time I get a phone call from Bessie.

16:34 Just like yesterday. I was in Layton. Now, there's another person. That's all you do.

17:06 That's for sure.

17:08 Lace, I did it. I just went for my dad and my brother. I got kind of worried about it.

17:16 When he headed to it made you kind of like like your baby at 2 years old was crawling and walking. He was learning how to eat in sitting up. Forgetting his, I get to the 15 years ago, but he was my friend.

17:43 Caramel, pie in a minute when she still got to run time today.

17:49 And so smart, but somebody said, hey, this is one of my past before you.

18:08 74 minutes.

18:12 Hey, I know they're all in heaven. Every one of my I guess my grandparents are too. I don't know. But I know. But like I said, that's good. Did you give me the money? I'll go get it.

18:45 That's where is my aunt on my dad's? My dad's Brothers, youngest Brothers?

18:58 Here. Before last and been real bad off today. So I'm turning 88, I think next month.

19:08 Since he's been with you, when I first, when I first really introduce myself through and everything your real what she was like she got married.

19:28 Yeah, y'all know she's sickly because when she talks a lot of time, but I understand.

19:33 She lost her son at age, 17 answering stomach.

19:41 And now we lost the baby before she was born.

19:47 Yeah, it is that we know we all got to go swimming.

19:51 Might as well just get ready for nothing. We can do it, man. I keep telling my cousin man.

19:59 I know the boys here when I said, I know that your baby you've had him ever since he was born because his parents worked out and see, I don't know.

20:19 Benefit resources. Now I'm going to take before he does the Lord's. Got him sit where he wants and she complains about her stomach.

20:45 I know, you need to stop that. Okay, I'll be alright. No, you don't, that's what I thought. It was one every time you turn around.

21:01 Get that mentality of, it's not nothing.