Alaya Abeyta talks with her grandmother, Margaret, about her childhood, and raising a foster child, as well as a child with cerebral palsy.

Recorded November 27, 2017 Archived November 27, 2017 24:52 minutes
Id: APP408425


In this interview, Alaya and her grandmother, Margaret, talk about her grandmother's life as a child. They discuss what school was like for her in her time, and how her household was run. They then talk about how Margaret and her husband met, and how their relationship developed. They discuss the foster process and the difficulties for children in the system. They talk about why Margaret decided to foster kids, and the impact it has made on her life. They also discuss Margaret's difficulties raising a child with cerebral palsy. Finally, they talk about their own relationship, and Margaret's goals as a mother, and grandmother for her children and grandchildren.


  • Alaya Abeyta
  • Margaret Gouthier

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