Interview with my Mom

Recorded November 29, 2017 Archived November 29, 2017 30:40 minutes
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The interview was so hilarious and full of enjoyment! My Mom shared some some I never knew. The best part of the interview was when she told me that she was a cry baby when she went to school and that she was terrified by the concept that she eventually has to leave her Mom! She also told me that there was a lack of romantic marriage in her life.... She told me that her marriage was just celebrated within a fortnight and that nobody had an idea of doing this before hand. She said that her marriage wasn't preplanned at all and it was done in an amazement! She also told me about her childhood in India, she told me about her experiences, rewards and difficulties during her childhood and when she became a Mother. She also told me what expectations she have from her children and the world in general. She said that My father had the most interesting life stories and this is one of the reasons she love him.
She also told me that she enjoyed being a teacher because that is what she is exactly but if life would give her another chance she might become an Ambassador that deals with relationships between countries.
Over all I as an interviewer enjoyed a lot!


  • Yusra Ali

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