Isaiah Fox and Joyce Melancon

Recorded December 10, 2023 Archived December 10, 2023 21:24 minutes
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Joyce Melancon [no age given] speaks with her grandson Isaiah Fox (13) about her childhood, Isaiah's hopes for his future, and fond family memories.

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Joyce Melancon (JM) asks Isaiah Fox (IF) how he feels about visiting her in Lafayette.
JM asks IF how he is doing in school and about his favorite extracurriculars.
JM asks how the weather in Houston compares to Lafayette.
IF talks about his father's upbringing in Philadelphia.
IF asks JM what she likes to do in her free time.
IF talks about wanting to be a paleontologist.
JM asks IF if he participated in a site dig that happened at Maison Freetown.
JM asks if IF wants to play basketball over the summer.
JM asks IF what he wants for Christmas.
IF talks about when his grandfather passed away.
IF shares a memory of spending Christmas with JM.
IF asks JM what he childhood was like.
IF asks JM what it was like raising his mother.


  • Isaiah Fox
  • Joyce Melancon

Recording Locations

Maison Freetown