Israel Rodriguez and Katia Garza

Recorded October 29, 2023 Archived October 29, 2023 37:40 minutes
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Husband and wife Israel Rodriguez (54) and Katia Garza (47) reflect on their time as dancers. They discuss their early lives in Cuba and Mexico, why they both first fell in love with ballet, and the highs and lows of their careers.

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Israel (I) speaks about how he first became involved in ballet in his home country of Cuba.
Katia (K) remembers bringing I home for the first time.
I talks about his mother only ever seeing him dance once.
I explains why his achilles tendon rupturing led to one of the best and worst years of his life.
K recalls first starting ballet and the teachers who helped her fall in love with dance.
K remembers the moment she was chosen as an apprentice for Joffrey Ballet and how that moment changed her perspective on her abilities.
K discusses the best and worst moments of her career.
K and I speak about how they came to live in Mobile and what they enjoy about it.
K and I reminisce about getting married while performing onstage.


  • Israel Rodriguez
  • Katia Garza

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Mardi Gras Park