Jackie Burrell and Gerald Cole

Recorded May 13, 2023 Archived May 13, 2023 27:46 minutes
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Significant others Jackie Burrell [no age given] and Gerald Cole (52) share a conversation about their relationship. Gerald also talks about writing his first book, the advice he would give to his younger self and his daughters, and what he would like his legacy to be.

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Jackie and Gerald discuss their relationship.
Gerald talks about his grandfather and his grandparents' relationship.
Gerald offers the advice he would give to his younger self.
Gerald explains his advice to his daughters.
Gerald advises young people to explore the world.
Gerald talks about writing his first book and accomplishing this goal.
Gerald says what he would like to leave as a legacy.
Gerald says his favorite thing about himself is his authenticity.
Gerald explains who he is.


  • Jackie Burrell
  • Gerald Cole

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Atlanta History Center

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