Jailexie & Kathleen

Recorded May 22, 2023 Archived May 22, 2023 23:15 minutes
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In our interview Kathleen answers questions about growth, family, and how her life changes and goes through cycles in 7’s. She has taught me alot about how change is okay and natural during any time of our lives. There is no certainty that life is going to be stable, she elaborates on how our life shifts in stages of 7 years and that it allows us to grow and learn.
When she questioned me it was centered around my family and friends. She noticed how in my life I care about the people around me tremendously, they're some of the most important people and how the lessons they teach me shape my life.


  • Kathleen B
  • Jailexie Pereira
  • Gloria DiFulvio

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