James McLaughlin and Lee Smart

Recorded July 31, 2023 Archived July 31, 2023 41:47 minutes
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James McLaughlin (84) sits down with his daughter Lee Smart (51) to speak about his time serving in the US Navy. He discusses his various positions on numerous crews, including Main Propulsion Assistant and Plank Owner. The two also talk about how James's military legacy is carried on by his children.

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James McLaughlin speaks about why he decided to join the Military and his love for the ocean.
J remembers the first ship he worked on as a Main Propulsion Assistant.
J talks about his crews and the type of person that the Naval profession attracts.
J talks about serving on the boat the Richard E. Bird as a Plank Owner and the pride that came with that position.
J explains why his crews got along well with foreigners they interacted with while on tour.
J jokes about how other crew members perceived him when he was the boss.
J talks about his legacy and fellow family members in the military.


  • James McLaughlin
  • Lee Smart