James Waugh and Pamela Vickers

Recorded May 30, 2023 Archived May 30, 2023 49:19 minutes
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One Small Step partners James Waugh (63) and Pamela Rosa Scott Vickers (74) reflect on their experiences growing up in Oklahoma.

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James Waugh (JW) and Pamela Rosa Scott Vickers (PRSV) discuss why they decided to participate in One Small Step.
PSRV reflects on her grandmother's experience during the Tulsa race massacre.
JW talks about his experience with the initial desegregation of the school system.
PSRV discusses her childhood and her experience during school desegregation.
JW considers his childhood growing up in a children's home that his parents ran.
PRSV lays out what she believes are major concerns affecting our country.
JW discusses his beliefs on party lines and how he falls within them as a city councilman.
PRSV and JW discuss the impacts their religious views play in their respective lives.
PRSV talks about how she began her career in education.
PRSV discusses family and prayer.
PRSV and JW thank each other for the conversation.


  • James Waugh
  • Pamela Vickers

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