Janelle Bogart and Keith Pickus

Recorded September 8, 2023 Archived September 8, 2023 50:14 minutes
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One Small Step partners Janelle Bogart (38) and Keith Pickus (63) discuss their differences growing up Baptist in Wichita, Kansas and Jewish in Los Angeles, California.

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Janelle Bogart and Keith Pickus share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Janelle and Keith describe their different upbringings.
Keith shares where he got his passion for teaching history.
Janelle describes growing up in a majority-White community where minorities weren't discussed.
Keith shares his Jewish faith and cultural background.
Janelle and Keith discuss the most influential people in their lives.
Keith shares some pivotal experiences in his life.
Janelle describes how she would raise children as a non-religious person.
Janelle and Keith discuss the connection between going to college and expanding your worldview.
Janelle and Keith share what they will take with them from this experience.


  • Janelle Bogart
  • Keith Pickus

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Wichita State University

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