Jarrod Sport and Donald Felder

Recorded June 6, 2023 Archived June 6, 2023 46:52 minutes
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Jarrod Sport (37) interviews conversation partner and new friend Dr. Donald Felder (73) about his personal experience with school desegregation.

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Jarrod (J) asks Donald (D) about growing up in the Black community in Seattle.
D reflects on black children being selected to go to white schools, and the shift that occurred for him between middle school and high school.
D tells a story about a white teacher who told him he would never be anything.
J asks D is he shared these experiences with his parents, and D explains why not.
J and D discuss his football career and where he was able to find confidence.
J asks D if he feels a responsibility to share his stories about integration. D shares some of his experiences at the University of Washington.
D talks about how black students were viewed as invaders, and how teachers can make a huge difference to the process of integration.
J asks D about his experiences in 1968 at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement and see Stokely Carmichael speak.
D talks about the stages of his life as they relate to race and contributing to feeling lost.
D talks about how every student needs a welcoming environment, and the difference between being viewed as an invader versus being invited.
D discusses the needs for spaces that help people heal.
D reflects on whether school integration was a failed experiment and his own experience.


  • Jarrod Sport
  • Donald Felder

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