Jason Wood and Jennifer Smith

Recorded July 14, 2023 Archived July 14, 2023 54:00 minutes
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One Small Step partners Jason Wood (43) and Jennifer "Jen" Smith (41) discuss influences on their political beliefs, affirmative action in workplace employment, and the challenges of police involvement with mental health calls.

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Jason Wood and Jennifer "Jen" Smith share why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Jason and Jen share their views on how social media creates divisions.
Jen explains why she no longer identifies as "liberal."
Jason and Jen discuss some of their political influences.
Jason explains why his own political "side" sometimes makes him uncomfortable.
Jason and Jen discuss their views regarding police accountability.
Jen describes her most deeply held belief.
Jason and Jen discuss their views regarding how police are tasked with handling social problems.
Jen shares her views on affirmative action hires in the workplace.
Jason shares his hopes and fears for our country.
Jason and Jen share what they will take with them from this experience.


  • Jason Wood
  • Jennifer Smith

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