Jean Bruggeman and Beatrice Waldrop

Recorded May 10, 2021 Archived May 9, 2021 39:59 minutes
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Friends and former colleagues Jean Bruggeman (50) and Beatrice "Lindsay" Waldrop (43) talk about the work they shared as employees of Office for Victims of Crime, such as starting survivor forums where survivors could share feedback about responses to human trafficking. The two discuss some of the flaws of anti-trafficking work and where they hope to see it go as it continues.

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JB and LW talk about first meeting when they began working together at Office for Victims of Crime (OVC).
JB talks about her path from law school to working with survivors of domestic violence and, later, immigrants who are survivors of human trafficking.
LW explains how she got involved with anti-trafficking work in her professional life.
JB shares about the work she and LW did initially at OVC and discusses the survivor forums they started, which were meant to encourage a wide range of perspectives and suggest improvements to federal government responses to human trafficking.
LW and JB discuss the importance of consent in survivor testimonies and explain their process of making sure survivors are comfortable with their stories being shared in new contexts as their work continues.
LW talks about her continued work at OVC, and JB discusses her current role now that she no longer works at OVC.
JB discusses how the pandemic has effected her work. LW and JB discuss the way that intersecting identities and social movements impact the work they both do.
Jb and LW share their hopes for the future of anti-trafficking work.


  • Jean Bruggeman
  • Beatrice Waldrop

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