Jeanne El-Hindi discusses her interests in Middle Eastern studies and what life was like in Syria.

Recorded January 7, 2018 Archived January 7, 2018 29:54 minutes
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In this interview, conducted in January 2018 in Vienna, Virginia, Leigh El-Hindi (16) interviews her mother Jeanne El-Hindi (48) about her interests in Middle Eastern culture and her time spent in Syria. The interview starts with Mrs. El-Hindi's childhood in rural Michigan leading up to her interests in foreign countries and cultures. She describes learning Arabic, traveling to Damascus, Syria, and touches on the devastating civil war that took place after her time spent in the country. She also discusses many misconceptions that Americans have regarding the Middle East. The interview ends on a positive note while Mrs. El-Hindi emphasizes the importance of studying abroad and learning about other cultures in different parts of the world.


  • Jeanne El-Hindi

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