Jennifer DePaola and Peter DePaola (IV)

Recorded November 3, 2019 Archived November 3, 2019 37:46 minutes
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Jennifer DePaola (49) and her son Peter DePaola IV (21) tell the story of Jennifer's journey on the Camino de Santiago with her father, Peter's grandfather. The story takes a turn when Jennifer's father passes away during their trip and Jennifer describes the experience of losing her father yet being encouraged by her mother to complete the Camino and she does, with her fathers ashes in her backpack.

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P asks J to describe her father/his grandfather.
J talks about deciding to walk the Camino de Santiago.
J talks about how she and her dad left for Spain on her mom's birthday and feeling guilty.
J describes taking time every day on the Camino to think about her life and what she was going to do next.
J talks about how she would interview her father every night on the Camino, an idea she got from her mother who did the same with her own father.
J describes finding her father dead in his room at the place they were staying that night of the Camino.
J describes her mother telling her that she needed to finish the Camino.
J describes bringing her fathers ashes on the rest of the Camino.
J describes her father's love of the musician John Denver. After they left for the day, she saw an eagle overhead, thought of the John Denver song "I am an Eagle," and knew everything would be ok.
J describes having to explain the ashes to customs and TSA upon returning to the US.
J gives advice to people after having had this experience.


  • Jennifer DePaola (b. 1970)
  • Peter DePaola (IV) (b. 1998)

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Dallas Public Library: North Oak Cliff Branch