Jennifer King, Kevin King, and Norma Gary

Recorded August 6, 2022 Archived August 6, 2022 00:00 minutes
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Jennifer Bonds King (38) and her husband, Kevin King (45), speak with their aunt Norma King Gary (89) about her life growing up in Atlanta on "Sweet" Auburn Avenue in the 1940s and '50s.

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- Jennifer asks Norma about her life growing up on "Sweet" Auburn Avenue in Atlanta
Norma shares that she had a good life. Her father, Turner Cornelius King, died when she was seven years old.
- Norma says Cornelius was also her grandfather's name, and he was a full-blooded Cherokee Native American.
- Jennifer asks about the family business, and Norma explains that Cornelius King & Sons was the name of their real estate business founded in 1921.
- Norma talks about collecting rents on Sunday with her father. She'd go to the homes to pick up the money and bring it to her father waiting in the car. Her father would write out the receipt, and she'd take the receipts back to each tenant.
- Jennifer asks Norma about the Wigwam building. Norma explains that the four brothers built the building that still stands at 813 Randolph Street.
- Norma talks about attending Spelman College, where she studied early childhood education.
- Norma was investigated by the Atlanta Public School System before receiving her contract to ensure she wasn't related to Martin Luther King, Jr.
Kevin asks Norma what it was like growing up near MLK's Family
Norma talks about working in the family business
Kevin asks about the story of the tenant who wanted a break on his rent but was driving a new Cadillac
Kevin talks about the birthday gift from Norma. Twenty crisp one-dollar bills.
Norma speaks about being able to live on her own and take care of herself at 89.


  • Jennifer King
  • Kevin King
  • Norma Gary

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Atlanta History Center

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