Jerlena Griffin-Desta and Franceen Levy

Recorded June 20, 2023 Archived June 20, 2023 50:07 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Jerlena Griffin-Desta (61) and Franceen Levy (76) talked about how coming to the Bay Area influenced their perspectives and how complex and confining political labels and descriptions can be.

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Jerlena Griffin-Desta (JGD) talks about growing up under a strict religious doctrine.
Franceen Levy (FL) visits San Franciso and is drawn into the Beatnik folk culture.
JGD expresses rejection of using political labels to define people and values.
JGD and FL talk about earliest memories of being "other."
JGD expresses concerns about progressive vs conservative labels.
Talk about the lack of historical perspective of young people.


  • Jerlena Griffin-Desta
  • Franceen Levy

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